Mobile Computer Repair in Fridley, MN

>> Virus Removal
>> Computer Repair
>> Network Systems
>> Data Backups
>> Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

On-site/In-home Computer Repairs and Installations for Desktops, Laptops, and Netbooks


Virus Removal

Virus removal, FBI “lock”, popups and rogue programs

Includes repairing file system, repairing Windows ®, optimizing browser, testing hard drive health, disk cleanup, updating  drivers, Adobe Reader ®, Adobe Flash Player ®,  Java  and  Windows ®.   Also evaluate and improve security to help prevent future infections. View prices here.



Home or Small Business, Wireless and Wired

Install or repair and configure modems and routers, wired and wireless, secure connections, ensure all WiFi devices can connect.


Data Recovery

We Can Assist You With Your Hard drive Problems 

Requires pick-up and delivery, takes from 2 days to 3 weeks.  Usually requires a new hard drive. View prices here.


Hardware & Software Installations

We Can Assist You With Your Hard drive Problems 

Per device, includes setup and testing: hard drive, CD/DVD/RW drive, external backup, power supply, more… Hard drive installation includes cloning/copying old hard drive to new and installing Windows ® when applicable.

Avoid computer nightmares with friendly, fast, professional support.

Serving the Greater Twin Cities and all Suburbs

N Home PC Repair is a mobile,home based, family owned and operated computer repair business with one technician and one apprentice, A+ certified, Better Business Bureau accredited. Minimum service charge – $45, includes trip and .5 hour labor. Virus removal – start $45, up to $100 ( for pick up and return ). Many services have a flat rate, and the hourly rate is $50 /hour on site. Invoice is the lesser amount of either the flat rate or the hourly rate. 10% discount on labor for veterans, service members and Angie’s list members.


Check out some of our services:

  • >> Service and upgrade of all laptops, desktops and netbooks
  • >> Virus removal, FBI “lock”, popups and rogue programs
  • >> Networking
  • >> Data recovery
  • >> Data transfer, for example: from old computer to new, when the drive is healthy and file system intact
  • >> Hardware and software troubleshooting and repairs
  • >> Internet and email support
  • >> Upgrades & installation


Emergency Service Available